Book Arts

The Sewing Room, 2003

The Sewing Room explores the notion that conflict often occurs when an individual's conscience rubs up against religious doctrine, culture and tradition. 9" x12" handmade paper, pulp painting, hand stitching, handmade lace.

Why Me? 2003

Why Me? is about acne from an adolescent girl's perspective. Text by Jenny Pritchett. 9" x11" handmade paper with imbedded dried beans, inkjet text.

The Secret Garden, Inventing Games, 2007

Based on poems by Virginia Chase Sutton dealing with incest from a child's point of view. 6" x 5" handmade paper, painting, drawing, hand stitched images.

Electra, Abundant, Sunburned, 2007

Based on poems by Virginia Chase Sutton. 6" x 5" handmade paper, drawing, hand stitched images, handmade lace. 

The Miracle of my Father's Cock, 2007

Based on poems by Virginia Chase Sutton. 7" x 6 " handmade paper, pencil.

St. Zoe, patron saint of mischievous girls. 2003

She always wanted to be first. She disobeyed. She ate the last piece of cake. She took on a lover. She died a happy woman. 9 ½" x 12" handmade paper, pulp painting.

Rat Sighting, 2008

Rat Sighting is an account of rats seen in my Chicago backyard. 4"x 5" handmade paper, handmade lace, hand stitched images.

Healing, 2012

Made as a gift for a friend who was had leukemia. 9" x 3" hospital mask, hand stitched images, beads.