About Rose Camastro Pritchett

Rose Camastro Pritchett has had her own art school, conducted workshops abroad, exhibited internationally, received grants and residencies for her work, run community art projects, and taught in schools and colleges in the US, Saudi Arabia and China. Her MFA from Columbia College Chicago redirected her work from painting to performance, fiber arts and book arts. Rose lives in Evanston, Illinois with her husband David, a retired educator. Their daughter, Jenny, is a writer, teacher and copy editor who resides in Oakland,  California, and their son Jesse, is a university lecturer who resides in China.

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Artist Statement

I have lived in Europe, Wales, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, and China. This multicultural experience underpins my work as I embrace the notion that the further one goes in terms of culture and tradition, the bigger the challenge to self-definition. In time, the exotic becomes ordinary and the familiar becomes foreign. I am interested in this transformation as well as the more universal change that occurs as part of our existence, and how we accept it, adapt to it, how heal and grow.

My storytelling about this has converged with my love of fiber. Sewing is a natural metaphor -- making choices about basting, creating patterns for organization, ripping things apart when they don't work, sewing together things when they do. The result has been spacious, room-wide installations, performance art, artist books, and assemblages.