More Installation & Performance Art

Bundling, Art on Armitage Window Gallery, Chicago, Illinois,  2006, On going

Bundling is a grieving-healing ceremony that honors a loved one who has died. Prior to the performance participants give me personal items of the individual and handwritten stories about her or him. During the ceremony I wrap everything into a bundle. These bundles are exhibited and later returned. The owners either take them apart or leave them intact.

Photography by David C. Pritchett, Video by Mary Felice

Within Reach, Art on Armitage Window Gallery, Chicago, Illinois,  2004

Within Reach is the story of a woman dealing with change; making a route, measuring time, measuring events. Questions arise: Can I plan my future? When will I die? Where will I go next? Will I return? How do I know if I have failed or succeeded? 

Photography by David C. Pritchett

The Sewing Room, The Center for Book & Paper Arts, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, Illinois,  2003

The Sewing Room is about a seamstress who spends her days dealing with the complexity of culture, tradition and self-definition. In a 20-foot-by-23-foot room delineated by a 3-foot-deep wall of 800 strings weighted to the floor by washers, she performs her sewing activities. The interior of the room changes with each day's work. This was my MFA thesis and was funded in part by the Albert Weisman Scholarship.