Fiber Arts

Things she left behind. 2012

Conceptually similar to the cocoons, these structures contain items that are wrapped and sealed and later exposed by cuts made through the surface. Stories appear of women who have moved on, made a transition, taken a different path. Sculptures range from 26" to 16" long, 4" wide, string, dress patterns, found objects.

The tailor's daughter left China. 2014 - 2016

My grandfather was a tailor and my relatives were seamstresses. I learned that sewing - wrapping, cutting, basting, tearing  - was a metaphor for change. The tailor's daughter left China is a work about a woman, who after living in China for 30 years, packs up her deceased father's sewing materials to live in Italy. Nine 6 ½" x 6 ½" boxes, beads, sewing materials, antique lace.

Cognitive Mapping, Memory & Perception. 2014

Cognitive Mapping notates my experience, memory, and perception of time spent in Berlin, 2001-2003. 45" x 56" Map, hand writing, hand sewn objects.

2142 Maple Avenue. 2017

It has been said that clothes evoke memory, that articles of clothing contain stories. True for me. I can tell you who I was at any given time through them. It was in the 50s when I was a kid in a suburban university town, attended Catholic schools, lived under one roof with my Italian American family - three siblings, two parents, two grandparents, one cousin, one aunt. Life got complicated.

Panels, 10” x 12” Handmade Paper, Beads, Bric-a brac, Hand Stitching.

What is the Cost? 2018

What is the Cost? is a work-in progress that questions the cost of moving on or staying put. 3 3/4 “ x 2” Merchandise Tags. Ink drawing, Hand Stitching.