Comfort Women

In 1940, comfort stations (brothels) had been set up in China by the Japanese military after the Nanking Massacre and were in continual, widespread operation. The military expanded and moved these comfort stations to follow the areas of combat in other countries extending to the end of WW11. Comfort women, was the Japanese euphemism describing the women rounded up with violence and coercion to become sex slaves to Japanese forces. By war's end over 200,000 women from Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, Korea, and Indochina, including Dutch colonialists, had been forced to become comfort women. Japanese military commanders were fully complicit in procuring women and developing and operating comfort stations.
Based on extensive research, I started this project in 2014 and it is on going. The work has been exhibited at Menlo College, Atherton California; Art Athenia, Athens, Greece; Harrington Mills Studio, Nottingham, England;  Supermarket, Stockholm, Sweden.